Garlic Software


Garlic Software provides contract software development for a variety of businesses and industries. We have over 20 years of software development experience, helping clients through the whole software development cycle, from writing functional specifications, to coding, testing, documentation, installation, training, and maintenance.  We use Objective C for iOS Development as our standard programming language but can easily switch to other languages such as  C/C++, Java, and Perl. We are experts in cross-platform development (Mac, Win, linux) and iPhone development.

“Scott is a very talented iPhone developer. He is also a seasoned technologist, very knowledgeable in all things Mac OS, security, web hosting, Unix administration, Unicode, etc. I had the pleasure to have Scott in my team for a year, he was the subject matter expert in the team for Xcode, Objective-C and OO programming. I recommend Scott for any job where iOS, Obj-C, Mac OS are the main skill sets required. Few people on the market today have Scott's depth of coverage in these areas.” –eBay Manager of Mobile Software Development